Sacramento Sea Kayakers

The Sacramento Sea Kayakers Paddling Club (SSKPC or SSK) was a local club in the Sacramento, CA region which was primarily geared towards kayaking on San Francisco Bay,  coastal and open ocean, as well as lakes and flat-water rivers.

Unfortunately, after a great 20 year or so run, the club dissolved in January 2020.

There is still plenty of kayaking in the Sacramento region though.    See the Paddles page for some of our favorite paddling locations.

From a club perspective, for anyone  who wishes to kayak in San Francisco Bay or along the beautiful California coast, many former SSK members now paddle with either the Western Sea Kayakers (WSK) or Bay Area Sea Kayakers (BASK), both much larger clubs from the SF bay area.    Joining one of these clubs would be the best way to engage with the local Sacramento area  bay  and ocean paddling community.

For those members more interested in flat-water paddling, both the Sac-Sierra Kayak Explorers Group (SKEG) and Lodi Paddle Club offer great local options.

See the Resources page for more information.