Sacramento Sea Kayakers

Sacramento Sea Kayakers paddling club (SSK or SSKPC) is a volunteer-based club primarily geared towards kayaking on lakes, flat-water rivers, San Francisco Bay, or coastal and open ocean. Safe and responsible kayaking are a key focus for the club and fitness, skill development and practice are also important to many of our members.

Kayaking with the club will typically require a properly equipped sea or touring kayak and appropriate safety gear. In general, an appropriate kayak is a sit-inside plastic or composite boat from about 14 to 18 feet in length with appropriate outfitting.

Paddles range from 2-3 hour paddles and day trips to multi-day camping and paddling trips.   Paddle events are initiated by individual club members, and are cooperative, non-guided trips.   Event initiators are not kayaking instructors or professional guides.

Lastly, we whole-heartedly believe that kayaking is a water-sport, so you should expect to get wet, make friends, and have a lot of fun in the process!