Membership in SSK

Membership in the Sacramento Sea Kayakers is open to anyone, from beginners to experts. At any level, you will find plenty of fun, social opportunities to paddle and improve your skills with other members, either in coastal, or local flat-water paddling events.

Kayaking with the club will typically require a properly equipped sea or touring kayak and appropriate safety gear.  In general, an appropriate kayak is a sit-inside plastic or composite boat from about 14 to 18 feet in length with appropriate outfitting.  For boat or gear, one can definitely start out renting or acquire over time — please ask other members if you would like suggestions in this area.

All members are encouraged to voice what type of sea kayaking they would like to do (day paddles, expedition, surfing, rock gardening, etc), build skills through outside qualified instruction and club practice, then quickly move into initiating club paddling events appropriate to their level.

The group is an excellent source of general guidance on appropriate gear and training resources to build the necessary skills and enjoy more adventurous paddles.

Prospective members are welcome to attend our Monthly Education / Social Meeting to learn more about sea kayaking and our club.     See Calendar pagefor information on our upcoming meetings.

Becoming a Member

We’re glad you made it this far and wish to become a member of Sacramento Sea Kayakers. It’s really quite easy.    SSK uses a Meetup group to manage membership.   Here are the steps:

  • Go the SSK Meetup site located here.
  • Create a Meetup account, if necessary.
  • Click the red “Request to Join” button at the top of this web page. Enter your first name and first initial of your last name.   Upload a recognizable photograph of yourself.
  • Congratulations, you are now a trial member and you can fully participate in SSK activities for the next 30 days. To become a active member for the next 12 months, click the “Pay Online” button and pay the $15 annual membership dues. Please note that we do not have a family rate or provide refunds for paid dues.